I started doing Zumba Toning in September last year, the nights were drawing in, the weather was getting worse and exercising outside was more difficult. I was also looking for an activity that would raise my heart rate more, that I could do as part of a group albeit socially distanced and where I would have fun.

I’m happy to say that Zumba Toning met all my needs. I have dodgy knees meaning that there are some movements that I simply cannot do. Jess was very understanding and patient and devised a different movement I could do so I could still participate but in a safe manner. I certainly got my heart rate up and 45 minutes never went so fast!

When the lockdown came into force I joined on line, it still gave me the camaraderie I wanted but in a safe space, and less travelling time to the shower!

The classes are fun and energetic and Jess really tries to incorporate everyone, she’s smiley and bouncy and far too full of energy for my liking, but it really motivates me to try harder!

I enjoy all the class (but don’t ask me that in the middle when I’m all sweaty and breathless!) But my favourite bit is the cool down. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve worked hard, and enjoyed it coupled with fun that Jess puts into every session and I know its doing me good, both physically and mentally.

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