Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting a Zumba class people tend to send me questions so I thought it may be helpful to address frequently asked questions – if I don’t answer your specific question here, please feel free to use the Contact page to send me a message. 

In a word, no! Wear something comfortable - t shirt, joggers or leggings, etc – I would recommend a sports bra as Zumba is primarily a cardio class, so we want to make sure we protect the girls 😉!

Trainers are recommended but not running shoes as the tread tends to be forward in direction and this could potentially cause injury with some of the twists and turns in Zumba. Regular trainers are fine and if you want to ‘level up’ there are plenty of specific dance sneakers on the market. 

In Zumba Toning we use Zumba Toning Sticks, these are provided and cleaned before and after use. Some members prefer to buy their own sticks once they have tried out the class and I am happy to advise where to buy for the best deal 😊. 

Always bring water, and in Summer particularly, a towel. 

Yes! Low impact options are always provided and sometimes people prefer to concentrate on the feet before adding arms. Let me reassure you - no-one will be looking at you and evaluating your performance! As your instructor I care that you are safe, that you are having fun and that you are moving – however that is. People very quickly gain confidence and there are core moves for every rhythm in Zumba so even when the playlist changes you will recognise the steps.  

If your Dr, consultant, or health care provider has given you the go ahead to participate in exercise that is the first step. Please discuss with me your health concern prior to class and I will ensure that I provide suitable adaptations for your needs. If those adaptations are not appropriate for your health concern and I feel that Zumba would not be a suitable exercise class for you then I will be honest with you and advise you of alternatives. 

I have many years’ experiences of teaching Zumba Gold which is specifically for aging populations or those with health concerns to consider, as well as Level 3 anti/postnatal qualified and feel confident in offering appropriate advice – but you also know your own body and limitations - if something doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. 

If you were already exercising before you fell pregnant and have discussed exercise with your Dr or midwife who have approved your continued participation then, as above, suitable adaptations can be made for you to still attend class. 

If you want to start up exercise in pregnancy, then I would not recommend Zumba at this point – but please come back after your 6-week postnatal check-up! Low impact exercise would be more suitable such as walking, swimming or specific pregnancy yoga classes, for example. 

If you had a regular birth with no complications (lucky you!) and have had your 6 week check-up and the all clear then absolutely YES! Come and have some ‘me’ time, Mamma. 

If you have had a C-section, it is recommended that you return to exercise after 12 weeks and that you have had all clear from your health care provider. 

Please let me know that you are a new mother, regardless of how you brought your little one into the world, as I will need to be aware and there may still be some adaptations required while your body adjusts. 

Starting something new usually brings some anticipatory anxiety – that’s perfectly normal – don’t let it stop you from coming to class.

Classes are not over busy; we have limited numbers for safety. We know it’s a big first step joining the class and aim to make everyone feel welcome – classes have a community feel and we support each other. People tend to make friends in classes and have a little natter, add each other on Facebook and sometimes even become bridesmaids for each other (true story!) Some people don’t want this and will come right before class starts, give a general ‘Hi’ and a smile and then leave pretty soon after its over – that is fine too! 

Feel free to speak to me before starting class and if there is something I can do to make you feel more comfortable in joining us then let me know. 

Also – I know that over half the class, at some point, will have felt the same way, so you are in good company. 

I hope to see you at a class soon! 

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