Hi! I'm Jess

I have been a community fitness instructor for almost 10 years.
I am extremely passionate about the body positive/ body acceptance movement and aim to model that exercise is for ALL – having started my own health journey as what would be considered ‘plus size’, I lost substantial weight – purely from going to zero exercise to regular exercise, and became a more ‘acceptable size‘( for a fitness instructor!) and have now, happily, balanced out to somewhere in the middle!

I believe that we should move our bodies for pleasure, not pain and promote the multiple benefits of exercise – physically, socially and mentally.

During the day I work as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and have a real interest in the links between mood and physical activity.
My passion about my work links to my own values -I love making people feel good about themselves!

Classes have a lovely community feel – they are friendly and inclusive – with members from 16- 65+ years old, of all abilities and a glorious array of shapes and sizes!

Due to Covid I have had to take classes online – while I miss being face to face and our pre- class hugs, safety of course is paramount and I feel we have managed to emulate the same community feel online – and can reach more folk too!

See what some of the members say in their reviews. If you have any questions or concerns about joining classes – please feel free to drop me a line and hope to see you soon.

Jess x