“I started doing Zumba Toning in September last year, the nights were drawing in, the weather was getting worse and exercising outside was more difficult. I was also looking for an activity that would raise my heart rate more, that I could do as part of a group albeit socially distanced and where I would have fun.

I’m happy to say that Zumba Toning met all my needs. I have dodgy knees meaning that there are some movements that I simply cannot do. Jess was very understanding and patient and devised a different movement I could do so I could still participate but in a safe manner. I certainly got my heart rate up and 45 minutes never went so fast!

When the lockdown came into force I joined on line, it still gave me the camaraderie I wanted but in a safe space, and less travelling time to the shower!

The classes are fun and energetic and Jess really tries to incorporate everyone, she’s smiley and bouncy and far too full of energy for my liking, but it really motivates me to try harder!

I enjoy all the class (but don’t ask me that in the middle when I’m all sweaty and breathless!) But my favourite bit is the cool down. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve worked hard, and enjoyed it coupled with fun that Jess puts into every session and I know its doing me good, both physically and mentally.”

Before lockdown in Feb 2020 I was attending a Zumba class and was keeping quite active. Since then everything changed.

My Zumba class finished and never started back up again which meant that my physical well-being was greatly affected.

My business closed down which I had done for 16 years, (it was very physical) and I went full time in an office. I mainly worked from home which meant that I was getting no physical exercise at all and it was beginning to take its toll.

In 2021 when we was allowed to go back into gyms etc I attended a free 12 week session to try to get back into some kind of physical activity.
This didn’t work and I could feel my mental health taking a massive dip.

I suffer with erosive osteoarthritis in all my fingers and spine, I also have carpal tunnel in both wrists which means I find I am unable to do a lot with my hands and this gets me down. I was diagnosed with an extra vertebrae in my spine in August 2021 which again got me down.

I decided to look into what I could do and would stick at, this was Zumba.
I had to look into a new class which was a big thing for me as I am quite introvert.
In September 2021 I found a new class with Jess and Sammy, I plucked up the courage and got my buzz back.
I then found out about Zumba toning (something I had never heard of) and was encouraged to give it a go.
Again I plucked up courage and went one Thursday evening and found it amazing. I found it slightly different to Zumba and it really helps my upper body strength as well as helping the weakness I have in my arms.

After the first session I noticed a difference, even though I am unable to hold the toning sticks I use imaginary ones and no one minds. I am able to build up strength in my core and also my arms which are very weak.

I feel very welcomed at Zumba and I am very encouraged. Jess understands my limits and encourages me not to over do it.
Since not doing Zumba for 2 years I have found a difference but I am slowly getting back into it and can feel improvements every week.

I feel happy to have been made welcome by everyone and feel like my physical wellness is back on track, this is so important because I work with vulnerable people and want my mental and physical health to be ok so that I can help them. I felt it taking a huge dip but thanks to Jess and Sammy I am back on track.

I started going to Zumba about five years ago. I’m not a gym person, I find it monotonous. A friend was going and I asked if I could go too. I was very nervous,  frightened of making an idiot of myself and getting it wrong. As soon as the class started, there was Jess with her lovely,  smiley face and thumbs up of encouragement. I was immediately hooked and have hardly missed a class since. I spend the whole class beaming and feel revitalised when I get home. It’s the best stress relief ever! Jess did Zoom Zumba all the way through lockdown and my Husband says, he’s never seen me as happy. On top of that I’ve made loads of friends, we’ve had Xmas Dos, summer parties and a Zoom Xmas do last year. I live about 8 miles away from class and my Husband has suggested i find a class nearer home, but it would not be the same without Jess and Sammy at the front. The music is fantastic and the routines are changed every few weeks, so it’s never monotonous! If you’re stressed or depressed I can highly recommend a Zumba session with Jess! I love her ❤

I started the classes before Christmas to try and start improving my fitness. I was a bit worried about coming into a new group where I didn’t know anyone, but I had nothing to worry about. The group is a place where you can have a laugh, work hard and smile throughout with some amazing people. I love coming to the classes because they make exercise fun again and whilst I walk away feeling the workout, I can’t wait for the next class! ❤️

Tuesday Zumba at KTZ dance studio, what a way to spend an hour and keep fit at the same time. It’s friendly and fun and doesn’t matter if you have the moves or not, you’re always made to feel welcome. Jess and Sammy have so much enthusiasm and wonderful energy, they are inspirational. Keep up the good work girls!

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